Bierschürer are gone, ShinskyBlue are next in line

Thu 19th Mar 2020 - 12:57pm General Gaming

We have beaten Bierschürer 2-0 in our last showing last Friday, but more importantly, we will face ShinskyBlue this Sunday, March 22nd at 6:45 PM CET in our second last regular 99Liga game of the 4th Division. There is no doubt that this bout will be our hardest fought match yet, since ShinskyBlue themselves have accumulated a spectacular record of 7-1, placing second just behind us, breathing down our necks. A test, no doubt, however, Valkyria will not back down, and the adrenaline rush of a real challenge, something that we've not found yet in the 4th Division, will only get our competitive blood pumping, fighting tooth and nail and doing whatever it takes to take down ShinksyBlue.

It will be a match where the players can show that they are truly worthy of Valhalla, where all good warriors go after fighting valiantly, which is only one of the reasons you should NOT MISS this match live at 6:45 PM CET this Sunday at Twitch.TV/Valkyriago. We'll see you there, and hope that you will help us gain our most hard-fought #VYctory yet!

To give you a taste about what's yet to come this Sunday, we've sat down with Kiro and asked him how he feels about facing ShinskyBlue: "It's exciting to play the last two games in the season against the two top teams in our Division. These games can get really thrilling but if we show what we've been practising the last months, this season should be a 12/0 for us. I don't think we've hit our peak yet, we all think that we can definitely always go higher and we will try to show our very best these last games."

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